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Antimony Mineral Processing


Process Introduction

Antimony ore proportion is heavy than matrix , normally gravity separation is more efficient , its efficiency , economic , environment protection and concentrate the lower grade ore , after gravity use flotation for extraction .


Generally , the separation process including manual , gravity , flotation separation , most of the time , use unite processes . No matter oxide ore or sulfide ore , they all heavier than matrix , so we could choose gravity separation for most of the antimony ore . For the ore with thick grain , manual separation is more useful .

Process Description

Gravity separation divides into heavy medium separation , jig separation , sluice separation and shaking table separation .
After grinding and flotation the tailings from the gravity separation , use one rough , three concentrate , two scavenging process .
After flotation is the antimony concentrate . The tailings introduced to shaking table , and recover the fine oxide antimony , obtain the high grade antimony concentration and tailings .

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